Ask Your Body

Our bodies communicate directly from the subconscious. Muscle Testing involves getting answers from our bodies.

Try this:

  • Slowly rub the pads of your thumb and middle finger against each other in a circular motion.
  • Say, “My name is _____” (say your name).
  • Say, “My name is Bob Dobbins.”
  • Feel the difference in the smoothness of the rubbing when you say something true, or something false.

Use this technique to ask yourself yes or no questions that you want to know the answer to, to help you make decisions.

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  1. I will have to continue trying this, I couldnt tell much of a difference between the yes and no question.

  2. I think this might take an advanced practice and sensitivity of feeling of intuition within one’s fingers. I did not sense a tremendous difference in questions asked and I perceived more difficulty in rubbing my fingers before I was finished rubbing them within the first question. Now my fingers feel funny. Maybe I stimulated something with this exercise and I will have to practice more again later.


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