Consider the World

Consider how your life changes in relation to the world’s events.


Think about the major news stories in the past year. Which affected your life in a personal way? Which affected your job, your home town, or your plans?


How did your life change as a result of them?

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  1. I had posted this but it didn’t post, so please delete if this is a duplicate.

    I don’t watch a lot of the news, because it reports a lot of negative news stories, and not too many positive. Not a lot of major news stories have affected me personally, and for that I feel blessed.

    Maybe some of the weather issues with flooding and snow/ice has affected the community. There have also been other violence in the community that have affected others.

    For work, some of the flooding had affected us from traveling to offsites. Plus some of the cyber hacking has affected us here too.

    I feel blessed that I haven’t been affected more by major world events, especially with all of the violence lately. I think more people need to see that and be grateful, and pass on positive energy and news when they can.


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