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Are you overwhelmed? Frantically busy and you don’t know how you can fit in time for yourself, but you feel guilty because you know you need to? That’s why we created A Moment for Me. We know how that feels. And now, you can let go of the guilt. You can fit this into your day – it only takes 30 seconds. But it makes a world of difference. 

A Moment for Me is for us busy people. We may not have an hour, but we have 30 seconds in a day to take a pause to bring ourselves into balance in some way. The tasks here give you a way to clear your mind, stretch your body, engage your creativity, increase your spiritual connection, and inspire your day.

This page has our daily posts, and we invite you to read, try the task, and comment!

What you’ll find is that by giving yourself 30 seconds each day, you are asserting your worthiness, as well as finding yourself more in balance, despite your busy schedule.

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Go Dark

Many people find it easier to turn within when the lights are out. It changes your visual input, which forces you to use different senses, and think differently.


To give yourself a mental reset, and a chance to tune in to your intuition, turn out the lights for 30 seconds. Just observe what you notice with this different perspective. Even if it’s not completely dark, you are forcing yourself to change your viewpoint, which engages a mental and emotional adjustment.


When you turn the lights back on again, notice the shift.

People and Lessons

People come in and out of our lives and make an impact.


Think of someone who has left your life in this past year. What did you learn from the experience of having known this person?


Think of someone who came into your life this year. What new experiences were yours since then?

Consider the World

Consider how your life changes in relation to the world’s events.


Think about the major news stories in the past year. Which affected your life in a personal way? Which affected your job, your home town, or your plans?


How did your life change as a result of them?

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