Just for Today

Take the stairs

instead of the elevator.

Park across the lot from your destination.


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  1. Not today. My body has had 4 days straight of non-stop go energy and I’m already feeling that and to push it anymore would not be conductive for me or the baby. I understand the sentiment and I take the stairs as much as can be. I do not hesitate to hike across a lot. But today, today I cannot.

  2. I always take the stairs as often as I can at work. We work in the basement and I always go up to the 3rd floor to use the bathroom throughout the day. I work on getting at least 30 flights with my fitbit. I worked from home today, so less stairs, but will get some eliptical in later.

  3. I clearly wrote yesterday that this was not my intention, but it was in store for me indeed and we didn’t just NOT park across the lot, we parked in a lot and had to walk across a few city blocks.


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