My Moments of 2016

n5GYYzgThink for a moment about 2015…

Can you name 5 of your most amazing moments? That’s probably easy for you.

But, what about the little moments? The meaningful dinner talk, the cool fall walks, the bright ideas, things that made you laugh, fleeting moments of overwhelming love, songs that moved you…? How many of those do you remember right now?

2016 has begun.
What do you want to remember about 2016 when it’s over?

You know that you’ll recall the big things, sure. Job changes, births, deaths, trips…the stuff that shakes up your world.

But, all of those little moments yet to fill up your year – these are precious, worth recording, and, most of all – saving them helps you develop a deepening presence, gratitude, and connection to your life and those in it.


My Moments of 2016

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  • A way to record those important moments, big and small – in only 30 seconds a day!


  • No notebooks or pens needed. It works from any computer or mobile device – no download or installation needed!


  • You don’t need to think of what to write about. A different prompt is given to you every day.

  • NEW! You can try My Moments of 2016 FREE – all year – and only pay when you’re ready to order your ebook. 

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My Moments of 2016 gives you a quick daily 30-second prompt and a place to answer and submit online.


Your answers are saved, and will be compiled into
a beautiful personalized ebook of the moments of your year,
sent directly to your email inbox on January 1, 2017!


In just 30 seconds a day, you’ll have a chance to reflect and record the moments that matter.

Think of it as journaling for the busy person – just as meaningful,

and designed to fit into your busy schedule!


Sample prompts you’ll see are:

  • The last thing I laughed about was…

  • Today, I’m looking forward to…

  • The best part of my day so far was…

  • The last thing I did for fun was…

  • The last dream I remember was about…

Different prompts will be presented every day.

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Wouldn’t it be great to save and revisit little moments like these…

The best thing that’s happened today was… My walk with Rudy. The air was crisp with fall and yet the leaves hadn’t actually dropped off the trees. it was beautiful! I felt like we could have walked for hours.

The last thing I laughed about was… Gretchen’s story at dinner last night about her friend bringing her pet bunny to class for show and tell. There’s nothing like rabbit poop to get us laughing. I thought Brendon was going to pee his pants!

With My Moments of 2016, you can! Your little recorded moments will become part of a keepsake ebook that will bring you back to your precious moments any time! 


Your form will look something like this (just a sample – there will also be a submit button at the bottom for your answers):

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What if I miss a day? No problem! The whole month’s prompts will be available for you to enter or edit until the first day of the next month. When you submit that month’s answers, you will receive the link to the new month’s prompts.

What if I don’t like a prompt? Skip it or type in whatever you want instead. These are YOUR moments!

Are my answers visible to the public? No. These are your moments. No one else sees them. And, only the answers you submit will be included in your personalized ebook. Your answers are saved in a secure and private database.

What will be done with my answers? On January 1, 2017, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a beautiful ebook keepsake of all of the answers you submitted during the year to save, reflect on, or share with future generations. It will come directly to your email inbox, ready to download and enjoy! You’ll be able to print, search, and share any special moments from your year.

What if the year’s already started? No problem, join us whenever you’re ready. All answers you enter will become part of your ebook. So if you missed January, or even if you start in June, whatever you’ve entered will be saved for you and presented back to you in your individual ebook on January 1, 2017.

What is the cost? It’s now free to participate in My Moments of 2016! Receiving your personalized, printable and searchable My Moments of 2016 – with all of your responses from the year, is only $36.50.  Once you register, you will be emailed the link to begin. You don’t need to pay until December, when you know you’ll want your personalized ebook of your year sent to you on January 1, 2017.

What else is included?
You’ll also receive twice-monthly email (or daily or weekly text messages if you prefer) reminders to complete your daily prompt. (We know how these little reminders can help!)

What should I expect once I register?
You’ll get an automated confirmation of your registration first. Then, you will receive an email with everything you need to get started! You’ll get the link to this month’s prompts, easy directions, you can choose options like weekly text message reminders or email reminders, and even some nice perks (discounts on A Moment for Me products and little surprise gifts!). We are celebrating your commitment to daily mindfulness with you!

Ideas for you:

  • Invite everyone in your family to participate – and then share your ebooks with each other! It makes for a great family sharing time!
  • Use My Moments of 2016 as a way to notice how you’re growing, and how the process of daily reflecting brings about a more mindful, present, and thoughtful YOU!


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