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A beautifully designed 365 day tear-off calendar, featuring a new 30-second self care mini-task for every day!

Good for any year!

Busy people often think they're too busy to care for their balance and well-being. But with this calendar, in just 30 seconds a day, you can nourish your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. You'll be amazed at what a difference even 30 seconds can make.

The content is inspired by astrology, numerology, Energy Medicine, yoga, Native American animal totems, spirituality, and more.

This is a great gift for the busy people you know, and a wonderful gift to give yourself.

Size: 4 3/8" cube, 366 pages, arrives shrink-wrapped. Pages tear-off individually.


Sample pages (click the images to expand):

M4M Apr 20 M4M Apr 13


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