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Self care cards for busy people. 36 FREE things you can do in 30 seconds to change your day for the better

This revolutionary deck of cards is what we need in our busy lives. Each card has a task you can do wherever you are, in 30 seconds or less, which will improve your day and your outlook on life.

A Moment for Me cards are the size of a regular deck of playing cards for easy portability! They arrive shrink wrapped in a tuck box and ready to use. The directions card is on the back of the title card.

Carry the deck with you for choosing a card when you have a moment, or pick a card at the start of each day. Each card has a task, an explanation of the benefits, and directions what to do. Every task in the deck can be completed in 30 seconds or less. Once you've done the simple task on the card, you'll find yourself mentally clear, energetically balanced, and feeling positive.


See sample cards below. Click on an image to enlarge.

Moment for me eat mindfully card moment for me gratitude cardMoment for Me title card Moment for Me Directions card



Price: $8.99

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