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A Moment for Mom: Self-care for Busy Moms: 101 free ways for moms to balance body, mind, emotions and spirit in 30 seconds

This book is the best gift for any mom you know (or yourself!) 

You will need 30 seconds. That’s all.

Start at the beginning, or turn to a random page. Each page has a title, a benefit, and simple directions. Read and complete the task on the page.

Or, if you know that you are in the mood for a creative, emotionally uplifting, physical, or spiritually-oriented task, use the Index at the back of the book to choose one that fits your interest.

Notice the positive changes you experience because you took that 30 seconds just for you.

Yes, you deserve it. And yes, there is more to life than just being that caregiver, and maybe also partner, business owner, student, staff member, woman, sister, and friend…all of the roles we play

Because, no matter what, if we are not feeling worthy, balanced, and healthy, we really can’t manage any of our other roles well, can we?

So, take that 30 seconds. And use it for YOU. The benefits will last far longer than 30 seconds. Using this book might just become a wonderful little daily ritual.

Enjoy. This is your time.

By the way, the writing tasks have a blank page beside them for jotting your notes. So, all you need for those is a pen. If there isn’t a pen nearby, use a pencil. Or, a broken crayon. We moms have lots of those around. Or, use a partially dried-up marker, eyebrow pencil, or lip liner if that’s what’s handy. It’s ok – write in the book. Later, reading what you wrote will be part of your reflective process, showing you how you’ve grown.

Feel good about this 30 second you-time. It’s an accomplishment for busy moms to take even that much for yourself. You’ll find yourself becoming more present, more patient, more loving, and much happier if you do this regularly. People might even notice, and comment about the positive changes in you. But it isn’t about what they think. It’s about how you feel.

Basically, we’re frazzled people who are loaded down with an unreasonable amount of responsibility for raising little beings to hopefully be kind and productive members of society without too much emotional baggage, while maintaining the house, our work, the kids’ extracurricular and social plans, and also being a present, loving, and emotionally supportive partner, who’s able to maintain friendships and relate to our parents, sisters, and anyone else who is vying for our attention.

Take a 30 second Moment for Mom. It’s your turn.

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