Stretch Your Neck

Release muscle tension in your neck and realign upper posture.


Do these stretches twice, alternating sides, with a full breath for each:

  • Turn your head and look as far over your shoulder as you can.
  • Lower your ear to your shoulder (you can use your hand to gently deepen the stretch if you wish).
  • Lower your chin to your chest. Hold.
  • Lower the back of your head to the center of your upper back. Hold and breathe.

Sit up straight and notice the difference.

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  1. My neck is so sore!!!!!!!!!! I try to massage my neck on the regular but if you aren’t in practice of giving it a good stretch, any time is the appropriate time. It makes it feel great.

  2. this is a good little stretch to do, I didn’t know how tight my neck was until I did this, a nice little break for the neglected neck.


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