Try a New Avatar

On Halloween, people dress in costumes to impersonate someone else.


For this exercise, imagine The Ideal You sitting across from you. Imagine the physical aspects, the clothes, the moods, job, and home life of this person. Create as much detail as you can.


Smile at this person, then get up and sit in the seat where you imagined this avatar of your best You. Absorb the energy of that You into your own self. You ARE this person. Wear this energy.

Note: This exercise creates powerful results if you repeat it regularly.

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  1. Thisis a powerful envisioning exercise and I really enjoyed thinking about how I would present to my current self. Would I be calm, collected, on top of it? Would I carry a feeling of complete calmness, gentleness and great wisdom? Will my words impart upon others wordlessly- how I can become this?


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