Virtual Gifts are Simple, Thoughtful, and Memorable!


In this time when it’s normal to be wired-in, connected via social media, internet, and all things digital, why not give a virtual gift for the holidays? Here at A Moment for Me, we’ve created a virtual gift that will last all  year, create meaning in the recipient’s life, and result in a fantastic keepsake on January 1st, 2017! It’s called My Moments of 2016!

My Moments of 2016 can be opened on any device, whether it be mobile, tablet, or computer. You just click, read your prompt of the day, type a quick answer, and click “submit.” The prompts are little starters like, “The best part of my day today was…”, or “Something that I laughed about recently was…” You have all month to edit your answers, or fill in any that you might have missed. Each one takes about 30 seconds a day.

All your answers are private, saved in a secure database, and the best part is that on January 1, 2017, you will receive a beautifully formatted ebook of every prompt and answer you submitted for the year! What a wonderful set of memories for you to review any time!

My Moments of 2016 is a virtual gift for yourself or someone you really like a lot. It’s better than a one-time thing – it actually helps create a more mindful, grateful, and connected life.

Try it free in January, or sign up a friend as a gift.

Click here to get started!

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