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A Moment for Me has a position available for a Virtual Marketing Assistant.

mguC7BIThe Job Description:

We’re looking for an articulate professional with experience in sales to promote our line of products for busy people, A Moment for Me. This line includes 30-second ways to improve mind, body, emotions, spirit, relationships, success, and more.

We would like the products pitched to applicable stores and online vendors, (We have a list of ideas to start with, but would like research to be part of the duties of this person).

This person will contact appropriate venues for talks, whether free or to conduct workshops (see the Corporate Wellness link on the Moment for Me website), in the Washington, DC area. We can talk about potential contacts.

You’ll find that the A Moment for Me product line has lots of applications. For example, A Moment for Mom (a paperback book), would do really well in Babies R Us, or other maternity stores and related websites. A Moment for Us (book and cards) would do well with bookstores, and websites for improving relationships. Coming soon is A Moment for Success (cards), which would have an audience with corporate connections.

This candidate will arrange for us to send out samples to interested people, and be able to help with the materials (pitch sheets, sales sheets, etc) needed to be successful. Also, this candidate will take charge of the tasks of filling out applications for bigger chains, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The ideal candidate would have a background in sales, be creative, good at doing internet research, and be able to speak well about the benefits of this product and what we offer. This candidate would be knowledgeable, productive (time management is important), and motivated. This person is organized and will keep a running spreadsheet of contacts on Google Spreadsheets, along with results of each contact (call backs, requests).

Hours are flexible, as this is a 100% work from home opportunity.

Payment is by project, to be decided as we go, based on productivity. Commission opportunities are available for product sales and bookings. For example, you may have a project to research 200 potential vendors (bookstores, gift shops, etc.) for the products. That will pay a certain amount. Then, the reach-out process will earn you another fee, with extras for commission on sales. This can become an ongoing, lucrative position for the productive and motivated person.

Please use the contact form below to apply. We’d like to hear about your marketing experience, knowledge of this line of work, and availability, as well as how well you understand the goals of A Moment for Me.

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